Monday, December 21, 2009

Back Home

Wow... I have never been a blogger, or have i ever blogged, in my blogging life....

I get asked two questions.

#1) How is it being home?
#2) Do you miss Jerusalem?

I have come up with two answers, analogy's if you will, to answer these questions:

#1) I feel sick... its like i just had a big feast and shoved as much food as i possibly could into my mouth, and now my body is trying to figure out how to digest it.

#2) There is a time and a place for everything, now its time to apply the place in everything.

That came to me last night and i liked it so much i wrote it down.

I love you all. I have had fun these past couple of days, skiing with Teren and Richie, doing the lights on Temple square with patchy, Teren, Brooklynn, Amy, and running into Jane randomly on the street. We tried to have fun even though we were all so jet lagged. patchy fell asleep on my couch, and both Brooklynn and Amy fell asleep in my car when i took them home. haha

You should have seen Teren trying to ski at first. You thought it was funny to see him playing enemy/ defenders you should have seen that kid on the mountain!!! he is a natural. we were so proud of him, and had so much fun. but even more funny was seeing how cold he got while looking at the lights on temple square. he said "how do people live like this?!?!?! seriously!" haha it was funny.

I look forward to spending time with more of you. thanks Angie for the blog.

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