Saturday, December 26, 2009

Talk in Church?

Help. Tomorrow. One o'clock. Twelve minutes. I have no idea how to fully capture everything that we learned while in Jerusalem. And, its hard because these things are so precious to's scary to bear my soul to a ward that has changed so much while I've been away, and not knowing if they'll really care about any of my experiences...

I just want to go back to Jerusalem. Talking about it is so hard. I feel like it's so hard to say anything, because it's so personal. I know you guys probably feel the same way. really hit the nail on the head. "Hey! How was Jerusalem?" "It was.....really great." (Understatement of the Century.)

Anyway. I love you all. I miss you guys, and I am excited for the New Year's Party. Anyone that can come, please do! And thank you Alison for putting it all together!

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  1. angie..i am writing my 30 min talk right now! how funny..anyway. i fell the EXACT same way! i'm speaking to youth, and i feel that if i express to them all that really want to, they just either won't understand or won't care. i'm honestly having a difficult time putting into words all that i want to say! i think that i may end up writing a few things down, and then just going from there. well, best of luck to you all who are speaking! i love every one of you!