Saturday, December 25, 2010

UPDATE... for those who still care

SO... Brother Allen has finished all of his Proton therapy, which was successful. I haven't heard yet if they've officially declared him to be in remission, but he is doing great!! YAY!!

AND... I got my mission call to California San Fernando, Spanish speaking! I report 16 February. So, I've quit my job at the Forest Service in Mississippi and I've moved back home to Indiana to get ready. I'll let you all know when I come out to Provo and hopefully I'll be able to see some of you then.

And... Sister Molly Davis sends her love to all of you! She is rocking the Manchester Mission!

Happy Christmas and love to you all!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey Everyone! I have a huge favor to ask!!!!
I'm speaking about Bethlehem and the song "Once in Royal David's City" in church on Sunday.
I was hoping to maybe share a few journal entries from all of you who went and experienced it.
If you could, I would love it if you wanted to email a few thoughts (whether from your journal or just thoughts you remember).
it would be super helpful!!!!
my email is

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Building the Kingdom one by one.

The temperature has really dropped here in Lancaster and it feels a lot colder than it is because of the humidity! I've been layering three pairs of tights : S and it's supposed to get colder! Luckily we have really nice radiators in our flat that I can cuddle up to during meals. To answer your question, our flat is pretty nice. It's small and the carpet is really old and nasty but we have the nicest coach in the mission and a great kitchen : ) I feel blessed. I can take some photos and send them on to you next week.

My district is great. Remember that sweet Portugese sister we met on temple square whose brother had just been camping on his mission here? Haha well Elder Dantas is now my district leader! He is so full of faith and we think it's pretty fun that we have that crazy connection with his sister. I am in a district with the Elders serving in Preston (which includes the Zone Leaders), Blackpool and South Ribble. So, basically the most church history in England is in the boundaries of my district. Pretty cool. I am so grateful for the hard work the Elders in our district display. They really are a great example to me in word and deed, and to be honest, I don't feel like they are younger than me! I thought I was going to hate all the little Elders who would be so immature, but so far I've been very impressed. They are obedient, they work hard and they are very profession and kind to the Sisters. President Bullock lectures them frequently ... This is a great mission to be a sister ; )

Sister Anderson wrote this experience to her family and I copied it for you:

So the MTC missionaries come out and tract different areas in England as a way to have them introduced to missionary work (remember when I did it last September?), anyway, they came to our area and did some tracting. Well, they gave us like 35 referrals that we've been having to sift through, which has been a lot of fun. Mostly because a lot of people lie, and MTC missionaries believe everything that people tell them. So we've been able to have some really great awkward moments with people trying to pretend that it was their friend that the missionaries met and not them. haha. So, we stopped by this one house to see a university student named Joe that the elders had left a Book of Mormon with. His roommate Miles came to the door and said that Joe was out, so we left our card with him to contact us. As we were walking away, Sister Davis said, "how funny would it have been if the whole time we were there talking, Joe was hiding in the front room telling Miles to tell us that he was away?" then I responded with, "for all we know, Miles IS Joe."

It was classic! Sister Anderson and I had a hard week but we really laughed through it all. I love being a missionary and knowing that this work is the best thing I could ever be doing, even on weeks when people don't listen.

The photo of Andrew's baptism is kind of funny : ) he doesn't have teeth so he didn't want to smile and this is what came out when we forced him. He is amazing!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

JC Impressions

Hey so I finally posted the JC Impressions video on youtube for all of you to see! Just type in JC Impressions and it is posted in two parts...Happy viewing!!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

going to the chapel

Hello Jerusalem Friends!

Jon and I sent out invitations today so you should be getting them pretty soon here. We used the list from the end of the semester to get your addresses so most of your invites are being sent to your home addresses. Also, there were a few people who didn't have their address on there. SO, this is Jon and I saying... everyone is invited!! Even if you don't get an invitation cause it was sent to your old address or whatever... COME!!!

The reception is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday September 2, 2010. THe reception is going to be held at my home and the address is
3802 South Becky Circle
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

In case of bad weather, the reception will be at the church on 2245 East 3900 South. This is also where you will want to park.

Hope you all can come and can't wait to see each and everyone of you!
Love and miss you guys!

babyface (Amy Lynn Bradshaw)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brother Allen

So for the few who still read this blog, I talked with Sister Allen a few weeks ago, and it was SO wonderful to catch up with her. However, I do have some unhappy news to share about Brother Allen. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily they caught it super early, and the doctors don't even think he'll need to have radiation or chemotherapy, but that surgery should successfully remove all the cancer. Even so, prayers never hurt anyone. And if you could please remember the Allens when fasting next month, I know they would never turn away blessings sought on their behalf. The Lord will work miracles when we ask. I love you all!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Oh Hey.
So I just watched a documentary called
 "Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised Land" 
It's about media coverage of the Crisis in the Middle East.
And how most people only know what the news tells us.
So it SHOWS what is REALLY going on over there.
They have actual footage, which means parts are a bit graphic.
But I thought I would tell you, in case you want to watch it!
I think you are all great.
Wish I could make it to the reunion!
I love and miss every single one of you!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

neat article about qumran and the dead sea scrolls

also, I miss all of you

also also, remember how Hambone mikvah-ed with the rabbis?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Email Notifications

Okay Team. It appears that it's harder and harder to check the blog, because we forget about it sometimes. However, I set my email up to receive notifications via email whenever anyone posts anything on our Jerusalem Blog when I created it, and it's been great! So, if you would like to also have your email set up to do this, so you can always be on top of posts on the blog, please reply with your email as a comment to this post.

I almost just set everyone up automatically, but I figured that there are some of us that really wouldn't like that. For me, it's great, I love it. But yeah...let me know!

Love you all, J-ru family!

Kelsey the green eyed girl

So, I picked up Ali (BEEEEEF) from the airport last week and she has settled in pretty well I would say. Its so weird to have her here in Hawaii with us but its great! She loves reading the Hawaiian street names and signs out loud as we pass them to practice her 'Hawaiian'.

Then Kelsey texted me last week saying that she was going to be here for about a week with her cousin's family.

Tonight we went and picked Kelsey up and had dinner at CPK with Beefy, Tessa, and Kelsey. It was a lot of fun.

I think our next Jerusalem reunion should be in Hawaii

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, all. There is no reason for me to write in particular except that I miss you like the dickens! The countdown is twelve days and then I'll be hopping on a plane to England taking with me all of the memories and lessons that I collected from you as we learned together in that beautiful city. Thank you for being influential in my life! I'm feeling particularly sappy tonight, but I truly DO love you all deeply. My address will be on facebook. PLEASE WRITE if you feel so inclined : )

love and blessings,


Friday, July 9, 2010


yep that is correct i will be going to hawaii this fall... boo yes.... see ya soon hawaii jeru friends

Monday, July 5, 2010

Missing you from Mississippi

Yep. Here I am. Now living on my own in the big scary world. In the CRAZIEST place I've ever lived. I just thought I'd update you all and let you know that I've finally made the big move down to Mississippi where I'll start my job with the Forest Service tomorrow. I've only been here a week and already have a long list of outrageous stories and wonderful experiences! The people here are wonderful though, just like everywhere else I've been. Their hospitality and generosity so far have reminded me so much of Jerusalem. The sacrifices that the members make for each other and for the Lord here also remind me of our Zion-like branch.

I'll be honest though. I have one regret about Jerusalem. As I've looked at everyone's albums on facebook, I realized that I was VERY successful at weedling my way out of pictures. Because I'm in none of the hundreds of pictures that people have posted. So, don't forget to remember me. My phone number is the same, but here's my new address: 29 A Countrywood Dr. Cleveland, Mississippi 38732. So for all those sending out wedding announcements in the future, this is a blanket announcement that Heck YES I want one. :)

Love and miss you all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alaska Magic

Ok, Now i feel bad because we didn't tell all of you individually and that is why i hate face book. I tried not to put up any pictures that would give away what happened under that big Alaskan sky, but its true! AMY AND I ARE ENGAGED!!! Sounds crazy I know but we are. I know its hard for all of you to put two and two together... how could the biggest flirt in Jerusalem end up with the sweetest and most perfect girl from our experience there in the holy land??? haha I honestly don't know how i am so blessed, but for those of you who have been around me since Jerusalem have come to see that i am more than just a walking flirt. haha honestly i am dedicated and committed when i want to be and when i should be. so there you have it. I went to Alaska to visit Amy, it was like magic and the rest is history. we will let you know more about specific dates as time goes on, but we love you all and thank you all for your love and support, special thanks to the Allens!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I cant beleave it that hace 9 months we was a just a getting to Jerusalen! Que locura! Now yous done and gone a traveling the mundo otra vez! Alaska, Africa, who knows where is next?
Seriously though- for all who read this, if it is anyone besides Jonny Rich- 9 months ago! Thats how long it takes them babies to grow! At least where i soy de. I hope that disfrutes tu tiempo en la land of the midnight sol.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eye done told you a hundid times dat preston idaho be my home ground, expecialy that there church house! i done have da time of my life with chew. espero que everthin goes good far ya. te quiero man. estoy animado que podes escribir now! let the games begin, yeeeehaaaa

Monday, May 24, 2010

Juan Ricardos, o sea, Jonny Riquezas

How are we? You betcha! Jonny Rich- it sure was great to have you sleep over- thou art the man- and I'm glad that I got to see you again with tons of other people up at Jesse and Michele's reception! I would have done it all just to go and play on the train tracks and talk in accents the whole time!
Y ademas- who can not talk about the ride home en la lluvia- it truly was an aguacero!
exito, animo, y siempre una sonrisa :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adam the hunk

Hey Adam!!! Are you out there? Thanks for letting me sleep over at your house last night! Do you think those sheets were clean? Thanks for giving me the hard bed. Haha just messin, that was so much fun! And for all you ladies out there, Adam can make some killer crapes! what a hunk!

I’m so pumped to go up to Jesse and Michelle’s wedding this weekend. I hope to see a bunch of you there.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Middle Eastern jewel

Hey y'all! If you aren't in Provo this summer or aren't on campus regularly, here's a link to an article that was in BYU's paper this week about the Center!

Love ya'll!

Monday, May 3, 2010

President Brown

So today in my New Testament class my teacher (Bruce Satterfield who also taught at the Center) was answering a question of a student about the 40 day ministry of Christ after He had been Resureccted. Well he encouraged us to read a talk on called "The 40-Day Ministry" by S. KENT BROWN and C. Wilfred Griggs. My heart just wanted to burst with excitement, and I got a HUGE smile on my face. :] Just thought I would share my little finding with you all. I love you, hope all is well.

Here is the link to the article if you are interested!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Most of you know..

but William Heath Dewey and I are getting married on July 24th in the Twin Falls Temple. :]

Monday, April 12, 2010


If any of you are interested in contacting me over the next few years I have put together my address's along with guidelines if you feel so inclined to mail me a package! Follow the outline exactly and it will make it to me just fine.

Elder Bryan Allan Pearson Jr.
Czech Prague mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo UT 84604
Here^ until July 21st, then the next address for the remaining 2 years

Církev Ježíše Krista Svatých Posledních dnů
Elder Bryan Allan Pearson Jr
MiladyHorákové 85/95
170 00 Praha 7- Holešovice
Czech Republic-Europe
Phone 420-2-2432-2215 (required for packages) Don't try to reach me through this.

Do not put my name first on packages or letters or I will not get it. Follow the above example.
For Packages sent to Czech do not send via UPS, Fed-EX, or DHL, do not insure or declare the value of the contents higher than $80 if you want the package to arrive. It is best to send packages regular air mail or in global priority boxes or envelopes purchased at post office. Contents should be labeled as "Missionary Supplies", photos, CDs, books, candy, etc. If not packages may be subject to duty charges for at least the value of the package, or may never be received.

Keeping the magic alive

Soo... if anyone wants to be blown away in awe and overwhelming nostalgia... Lyndsay Denton's photography on her blog with do the trick. We have so many artists. Thanks for posting your work Lyndsay.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BYUH Jerusalem Family!

So the time had come for Teren to graduate, and me to
leave Hawaii in preparation for my mission. Seeing as
we had only assembled the Jeru family once thus far
for a fireside, Teren an I decided to put together this
little shindig. First Teren an I made the Pita bread!
We let it rise for 3.5 hours then kneaded it for what
seemed like for ever then pinched it into little balls
then rolled them flat like these. We then proceeded to throw them in the oven where to our great delight they popped up like this! We never expected results like these, but this is only the first of whats to come. Teren an I
after this decided were were going to open up a bakery in the Old City.

Once all the pitas were baked Teren an I went to Tessa's house to meet the rest of the gang. Where we made falafel and hummus. It took awhile but it was just fun to hang out and reminisce about the old days haha. We left the balling to Marni and Clark while, Teren, and Tessa Fried. While all this was going on we left the mixing to Amanda and Aaron who made the Hummus. Here is a shot of some of the gang getting ready to dig in.

While here we have a close up of some fresh pita bread and the finished Falafel. Sorry for this messy-ness of this post it is really hard to arrange these pictures haha. Some of them got cut off so click for the whole picture.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mission call

guys, got my mission call: uruguay!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wedding Bells

It is so exciting to hear about all the recent engagements and mission calls! Congrats to everyone! I have a little announcement myself...

I have been dating Andrew Himmer for over a year and last thursday we got engaged! We are getting married on July 31st in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. Andrew's proposal was really cute. He and his roommate spend all night cutting a hole in the center of a dictionary and stuck the ring box inside. He pretended to be working on a research assignment and handed me the opened dictionary. I started to flip a few pages and saw writing on a page addressed to me. He had written a wonderful message to me over the span of a few pages until finally I got to a page that said "Will you marry me?" He got down on his knee and turned the page to reveal the ring box inside the dictionary. I didn't suspect a thing!

Thanks for letting me share my joy with you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glad baby face reminded me of this sooooo awesome!!!

5 min before a final in the study room... kinda got stir crazy and made this piece of art.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


On a recent faculty field trip to the Wilderness of Zin the faculty and service couples momentarily took leave of their senses. What were they thinking!?

Friday was the first day of NT and the last day of finals. Friday night during dinner and in clear view from the balconey there was a burning barricade in the street at the lower entrance to the center--there were other protests throughout the city. There is great anger over Israeli claims to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel's Tomb. Tonight was the grand opening of the new serving area in the oasis. Nice. Tomorrow is the Bethlehem field trip. Brother Mohammad has plenty of all white baby blankets to sell this time.

Brother Peter Quenano has spent the last five weeks in the hospital with advanced TB and pneumonia. He is slowly on the mend. The branch fasted for him last Sabbath. When he is well enough he plans to go home to the Philippines. Keep him in your prayers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This Could be Awesome!

Guys, in my typography class I am making a book. sooooo-The idea is that each of us can write down a favorite thought , memory, quote, notes from firesides etc. IT CAN BE ANYTHING well i take that back keep it somewhat on uplifting side but whoever wants to they can email me ( a little something something. It doesn't have to be long a on liner, a couple paragraphs whatev. And when I am finished i can make you a copy of the book if you would like. I think this could be realllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy Awesome a neat way to keep memories and special thoughts. So shoot me with your emails!! Love ya guys and miss ya

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"One Day" movie screening

So... I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I just thought I'd spread the good news. "One Day," the film Kyle and I made about peace in Jerusalem to which many of you contributed, will be shown Thursday, March 4, 2010 at the Media Arts Forum at 11:00 am. We submitted it to the Student Film Association, and they said they wanted to screen it. Kyle and I will then be leading a discussion afterwards. If any of you want to come, that would be great!

Monday, March 1, 2010


This is in response to the many inquiries I have had lately...

In case you wanted to to get ahold of me my phone number is (408) 807-1855

I miss you guys! Let's get together soon ok?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Walking to school...

It was snowing...and I heard the familiar buzz of a scooter. Don't know why I looked up, but I'm sure glad I did...

It was Taylor, and his face was all scrunched up against the snow, and he was hunched over with his elbows out and everything.

I wish I could have gotten a picture. It was Priceless.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Tonight, BYU Hawaii 10th ward (Marni and Clark's ward) invited them to give a little fireside about their experience in Jerusalem. They kindly invited all of us to attend and take part in it. We all spoke a little about our experience and bore our testimonies. Tessa even sang as part of testimony and did exellent. It was the first time that all of us here in Hawaii had gotten together...and it was just straight up awesome to see everyone. After we all bore our testimonies and shared our experiences, we ended the fireside with Clark's 'Flashback' video.

It was great seeing everyone. We stuck around remeniscing on our dream-like trip to the Holy Land. We still miss all of you back in Jerusalem and all of you in Idaho and Provo. We send our warm ALOHA to you all from Hawaii.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Men Dared to Do the Impossible

So, the glory of this video definitely has nothing to do with me. But it absolutely made my day as I relived the experience. SO for those of you who haven't seen this posted on Facebook, I invite you to relive the infamous David Healey vs. Bonesaw Kiss. Thank you Aaron Knudsen for your masterful editing skills. This. Is. Amazing.
Love you all!

light rail

article about the light rail they're working on over there

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ke Alaka'i Article

This is an article in our school newspaper that Aaron compiled and wrote! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mission Call

Hey guys, I think most of you already know about my mission call, but I thought that I should put it here anyway as this is the official blog for updates in our lives. Anyway, I have been called to serve in the Bhangkok Thailand, Thai speaking mission. I report to the MTC on May 5, 2010. If you really want to see the moment, my friend posted it here: .I am still just as excited as I was then.
Anyway, what suggestions do any of you RMs have for preparing to serve? I would love to hear them. Thanks guys.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

June 4, 1967

I found myself bored in class and doodling. When I became fully conscious again I realized Adnan was sneaking back into my head . . .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Greetings from a cool Cairo. This is our last night at the Oasis hotel. Tomorrow we are off to Sinai. So far only a few students (knock on wood) have gotten pharaoh's revenge. The one difference is that they did not go swimming the first night at the Oasis. Interesting!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking through my pictures...

And I found this amazing video!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't worry guys...

Lauren hasn't changed. :] And she is a fabulous roommate!
Love ya girl!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shabbat Shalom! Love you all.

Email Address

Hey, does anyone have the Allen's email? That would be awesome if you do.

Thanks guys.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I walked today where Jesus walked..

hello everyone! I was asked to give a talk this Sunday, and as I was doing some research I stumbled upon this talk by President Harold B. amazing! Each place he talks about brings back many happy memories! Please...never forget the time we spent in the Holy Land! I sincerely miss each and every one of you....! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Research Paper

For my Writing and Researching About Religion class, I have to write a 20-30 page research paper. After going through the list of all of my topic ideas with my teacher, we've decided that I am going to research some aspect of the LDS church in Jerusalem... I'm just not sure what exactly to focus on, or even where to begin researching since there is very little written on the subject. So this is a plea for help and insight from all of you that may have some ideas on where to look for more information aside from our own experiences there. Just let me know! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some recent news

This article was in Haaretz. It made me really depressed to think that the new administration is "giving up" in the Holy Land. What do you guys think?
This other one is about Palestinian to Christian relations. Kind of depressing once again.
What do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Emmett Photos II

Sefforis (the Emmett children have given in to the Dark Side at the encouragement of their dad)
Acorn (they grow up to be oak trees) war at Nimrod's Castle

Tel Dan

Walking down the Mt of Beatitudes
Petra (where else)

New students arrive tomorrow. I hope they measure up to the high standards of the Fall 2009 bunch.

Monday, January 4, 2010

this is for everyone who hasn't seen this yet. Thats right friends Aaron put up photos.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Temple Trip

Hello beautiful and wonderful Jerusalem friends!

First of all I want to say I really miss all you Hawaii people and I really wish you could come to this. It will not be the same without you. We all miss you a ton.

The baptisms trip is coming together! It is going to be Saturday, January 9 at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple at 12:30. Jeremy's house is not too far from there so after we finish we'll just move the party to his house. Because there are so many of us baptisms will take several hours, which I see as a blessing: more time in my favorite place with my favorite people! Dinner and games at Jeremy's afterwards. That's the general idea. Jer-bear is going to send another e-mail with directions to his house, etc.

If anyone from Idaho needs a ride e-mail me (I don't have a phone yet).

Much love and Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010