Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alaska Magic

Ok, Now i feel bad because we didn't tell all of you individually and that is why i hate face book. I tried not to put up any pictures that would give away what happened under that big Alaskan sky, but its true! AMY AND I ARE ENGAGED!!! Sounds crazy I know but we are. I know its hard for all of you to put two and two together... how could the biggest flirt in Jerusalem end up with the sweetest and most perfect girl from our experience there in the holy land??? haha I honestly don't know how i am so blessed, but for those of you who have been around me since Jerusalem have come to see that i am more than just a walking flirt. haha honestly i am dedicated and committed when i want to be and when i should be. so there you have it. I went to Alaska to visit Amy, it was like magic and the rest is history. we will let you know more about specific dates as time goes on, but we love you all and thank you all for your love and support, special thanks to the Allens!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I cant beleave it that hace 9 months we was a just a getting to Jerusalen! Que locura! Now yous done and gone a traveling the mundo otra vez! Alaska, Africa, who knows where is next?
Seriously though- for all who read this, if it is anyone besides Jonny Rich- 9 months ago! Thats how long it takes them babies to grow! At least where i soy de. I hope that disfrutes tu tiempo en la land of the midnight sol.