Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello Jeru Family!!

I miss you all terribly. I made it to Mexico safely after an additional 26 hours of travel but as you can imagine I had a lot to talk to my family about. Since today was Sunday we didn't do any work but we start building tomorrow. Are you all over your jet lag yet? It didn't hit me to hard on the way back.

I seriously am going through withdrawals from you guys. A nice lady from the ward is letting me use her internet right now but I don't have phone service and I probably won't get the chance to write again until I am home. I MISS YOU!!

Jeremy: are you still planning a party first weekend after school? Could we possibly arrange to do baptisms in conjunction with that? I'm not sure how early we have to reserve a space but I for sure can't do it this week. I'll try to get on organizing as soon as I am back in the U.S.

Mexican landscape is so similar to what we saw in the Holy Land! There's tons of desert dotted with greenhouses and little shanties selling soda pop and yard decor (you remember the cheesy fountains and statues for sale along the highway?) I felt so at home driving to Guaymas,

I sure love you all. A LOT. Thanks Angie for setting up the blog!



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