Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Picture This

I was on the airplane with Angie during our first flight from Tel Aviv to Vienna. After talking for a few minutes she told me to do this, and I liked it so I thought I would share:
Find the time as often as you can to close your eyes and picture yourself walking from the Center to anywhere in the city. Play out everything in your head- who you're with, who you would stop and talk to on the streets, which way you would decide to go to get to your destination- and see yourself walking every step of the way. Even imagine dumb things like walking through Damascus gate to buy gummies or buy a cheap falafel.
It's the best way we can think of to keep the streets of Jerusalem cemented in our minds. Take a few minutes to see our beautiful city everyday.

I think about you guys every single day and how much I wish I could see or talk to even just one of you. I love you all SO, so much.

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