Friday, July 30, 2010

Email Notifications

Okay Team. It appears that it's harder and harder to check the blog, because we forget about it sometimes. However, I set my email up to receive notifications via email whenever anyone posts anything on our Jerusalem Blog when I created it, and it's been great! So, if you would like to also have your email set up to do this, so you can always be on top of posts on the blog, please reply with your email as a comment to this post.

I almost just set everyone up automatically, but I figured that there are some of us that really wouldn't like that. For me, it's great, I love it. But yeah...let me know!

Love you all, J-ru family!

Kelsey the green eyed girl

So, I picked up Ali (BEEEEEF) from the airport last week and she has settled in pretty well I would say. Its so weird to have her here in Hawaii with us but its great! She loves reading the Hawaiian street names and signs out loud as we pass them to practice her 'Hawaiian'.

Then Kelsey texted me last week saying that she was going to be here for about a week with her cousin's family.

Tonight we went and picked Kelsey up and had dinner at CPK with Beefy, Tessa, and Kelsey. It was a lot of fun.

I think our next Jerusalem reunion should be in Hawaii

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, all. There is no reason for me to write in particular except that I miss you like the dickens! The countdown is twelve days and then I'll be hopping on a plane to England taking with me all of the memories and lessons that I collected from you as we learned together in that beautiful city. Thank you for being influential in my life! I'm feeling particularly sappy tonight, but I truly DO love you all deeply. My address will be on facebook. PLEASE WRITE if you feel so inclined : )

love and blessings,


Friday, July 9, 2010


yep that is correct i will be going to hawaii this fall... boo yes.... see ya soon hawaii jeru friends

Monday, July 5, 2010

Missing you from Mississippi

Yep. Here I am. Now living on my own in the big scary world. In the CRAZIEST place I've ever lived. I just thought I'd update you all and let you know that I've finally made the big move down to Mississippi where I'll start my job with the Forest Service tomorrow. I've only been here a week and already have a long list of outrageous stories and wonderful experiences! The people here are wonderful though, just like everywhere else I've been. Their hospitality and generosity so far have reminded me so much of Jerusalem. The sacrifices that the members make for each other and for the Lord here also remind me of our Zion-like branch.

I'll be honest though. I have one regret about Jerusalem. As I've looked at everyone's albums on facebook, I realized that I was VERY successful at weedling my way out of pictures. Because I'm in none of the hundreds of pictures that people have posted. So, don't forget to remember me. My phone number is the same, but here's my new address: 29 A Countrywood Dr. Cleveland, Mississippi 38732. So for all those sending out wedding announcements in the future, this is a blanket announcement that Heck YES I want one. :)

Love and miss you all!