Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hey there!

I see that we are almost halfway there to having everyone from our group be contributors to the blog....snaps for you guys :)

Just a quick little reminder, this blog is for us. ALL of us. Don't be shy people, post whatever you like on here. We'd love to hear how your first few days back have been. And EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is important. We're family, right? Even if you don't think you have anything interesting to say, just say hi or something. Really. We'd love to hear it!

Quick sidenote: Do you guys feel like walking dead at around nine o'clock every night? Jet lag is killing me! I don't remember it being this bad when we got to Jerusalem, but that's probably because they had us on such a tight schedule and we were so busy. Even still, I hope this goes away sometime! Let's take a poll. Who thinks going there was worse for jet lag, and who thinks coming back was worse?


  1. Angie! Oh my gosh! Everynight around 8-9 I feel like a walking Zombie.. you are not alone! :] Oh well though! I hope you guys have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Mishna! hahaha Taylor, that was SOOO cleaver! I laughed for like 5 mins!

  2. Worse coming home for sure. I fell asleep during the byu bowl game last night, then I came home and went to bed at 10. I have not gone to bed at 10 since i was 10. haha